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19 January 2009 @ 01:27
[Merlin] Am prionnsa, an t-amadan agus na meirlich  
Title: Am prionnsa, an t-amadan agus na meirlich
Fandom: Merlin (BBC, that is)
Characters: Arthur, Merlin, assorted bandits.
Series: I have a vague idea for a sequel, but none for now.
Warnings: Umm, spoilers for eps... up to 1x11, I think. Mention of torture. Other than that, mainly the boys being themselves.
Misc. Information: In which there is a plethora of exceedingly incompetent bandits, Merlin flails, and Arthur fails at emotional comprehension. AKA: An Arthur-finds-out-about-Merlin's-magic fic. [summary edited 3.11.09 to remove ableist language - I am *so sorry* about that :(]

This can be read as gen or pre-slash depending on which you like; the prospective sequel would be slash, so.

Also shit, I'm going to have to go rework my tags as character name = fandom name. :(

The whole thing is, of course, entirely Merlin's fault.Collapse )

x-posting to merlinxarthur (is so slashy enough) and merlinfic.
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jadesfire on 21st January 2013 18:48 (UTC)
Oh, I enjoyed this so much! I loved Arthur's reaction, all the processes he goes through, that inner voice and the way Merlin reacts as well - so spot on and just brilliant. Loved it!

I was wondering if you'd give me permission to podfic it? I enjoyed it so much, I'd love to give it a go :)
kazaera on 21st January 2013 18:53 (UTC)
Eeeh, thank you! And I would be delighted and flattered for you to podfic it! Sorry that wasn't clear, I've got a blanket permission statement up on AO3 but because I hardly ever use LJ anymore I didn't think to add one here.
jadesfire on 21st January 2013 18:58 (UTC)
No worries - I only read it here so didn't realise it was on AO3! As soon as I work out how to pronounce the title, I'm good to go ;D

kazaera on 21st January 2013 19:28 (UTC)
Oh dear - er, the title is in Scottish Gaelic, which has really counterintuitive pronunciation (although I think none of the really weird things occur in this particular case, thankfully). If you know IPA, there's a pronunciation guide here, or Forvo has some sample pronunciations of various Gaelic words so you can at least hear what Gaelic sounds like. :)?

(I have a lot of sympathy for you because there is a fic I would like to try podficcing and it involves a Czech name which I have no idea how to pronounce. So I hope this is helpful!)
(Anonymous) on 15th February 2014 12:33 (UTC)
Best piece of Merlin fan-fiction I have ever read.