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[Morrowind] Sleeper in the Cave - masterpost

Title: Sleeper in the Cave (masterpost)
Fandom: Morrowind
Series: Sleeper in the Cave
Warnings: Will be on each chapter.
Summary: Adryn really doesn't know what she's doing on this land with oversized wildlife, natives who think giant fleas are good forms of transport, and Imperial spymasters so skooma-addled they think she's spy material, but she has every intention of surviving the rampant stupidity of everyone around her. However, she doesn't know that by setting foot on the island she's set into motion events that cannot be stopped...
Misc. Information: This is my epic Morrowind novelisation of epic which I've been writing on and off for the past five years. I usually try not to post WiPs, but I have ~50k words of this already written and - more to the point - it will never be finished. I haven't abandoned it and can't see myself ever doing so, but my characters are sufficiently verbose and the plot is sufficiently long-running that there is no chance in hell I'll ever get to the end (although I certainly hope to finish plot arcs). If that puts you off, don't read; otherwise, I hope you enjoy it anyway.

I'm aware that Morrowind isn't a canon a lot of people are familiar with (it's a video game published by Bethesda in 2002), but due to the nature of the plot I think it reads much more like original fantasy than fanfic and you should be able to follow it quite well even if you don't know the canon - so don't let that put you off!


Book 1
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Tags: fandom: morrowind, masterpost, series: sleeper in the cave
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