February 6th, 2027


The big info post

Okay, so this journal is no longer under construction, or rather I've given up on uploading all of my fic.

General information: This journal is the ficjournal of me, kazaera. It is replacing ishnaru, which I shared with nymeria, cryogenia and maypirate. Because of differing fandoms, styles and outputs (i.e. they wrote loads, I wrote and write next to nothing) I decided it'd probably be better if I struck out on my own.

If you are interested in me as a person, you're in the wrong place - this is the fic area. Feel free to hop over to kazaera instead; it's friends-locked, but if you drop a comment and say where you found me and why you want to friend me, I will probably friend you. That said, I mainly write about RL, and writing about RL involves a lot of me being emo and a lot of chattering on about graduate-level mathematics, so why would you want to.

Fics posted here: Currently posted are, I believe, all of my non-WiP works since at least August 2005. With one exception, WiP works are either on f-lock on my LJ or somewhere on my computer. If there is interest (comment on this post if you're interested?), I might consider uploading them here as well under f-lock. At the moment, I am reluctant because due to past experience I'm quite certain most if not all of them will never be touched again, and posting them here seems as if it would be getting people's hopes up. This is the reason I really don't want to post them publicly either.

It also feels vaguely ridiculous to post ne'er-to-be-completed WiP one-shots.

Fics not posted here: As mentioned, WiPs aren't posted here, nor is my early fic (meaning pre-FMA fandom; I started writing fanfic in 2002.) This is because that stuff really mostly sucks. A lot of it is up on FFN here and there's some on kazaera before I started locking things, if you're really, really that curious. At the moment, I have no intention of uploading any of it here because, well, it sucks.

Fandom and writing: Is completely and entirely random. No, seriously, *I* have no idea what I'm going to write and when, or what fandom I'll get into next. The one thing I can say is that I predominantly write gen, have never finished a non-oneshot to date, and am completely incapable of staying in one fandom for a longer stretch of time. As of the time of writing, my fandoms of the last four months or so went Morrowind->Highlander->Merlin->Hetalia->Merlin, so really, I have nooo idea.

Friending policy: At the moment, none of the entries are f-locked; all the same, I'll friend anyone who friends me. If you want to, feel free to friend me - I will not look at any of your friends-locked entries. I am also considering f-locking NC-17 fic and/or WiPs; at the moment, you'll find neither on this journal, but that may change.

Feedback: Is loved and squeed over and makes me very happy indeed. Please do comment on any of my entries, no matter how long ago I wrote the fic (although with the really old ones, I make no guarantee of quality). I can't guarantee I'll always reply, but I will do my best. :)

Concrit is welcomed, as I like to improve; I promise not to flame anyone and to take what you say under serious consideration. Although as said, concrit on my older works is a bit useless since they're only up for posterity anyway.

System: All entries are tagged with fandom, characters, pairing (if applicable, which in the vast majority of cases it isn't) and series, as well as genre if it's something unusual (crossover, crack, that kind of thing. Note that I have a quite narrow definition of crack; currently, the only fic tagged that is one I wrote in a programming language). There is a gigantically unwieldy list of tags in the journal; feel free to browse. Further cross-indexing is being considered.

Spelling: British. I actually speak a hybrid British/American/German-accent dialect of English, but try to be consistent in my spelling.

- Kazaera