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15 March
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This is the shiny new ficjournal of kazaera. Oooh! Feel free to come by, drop a comment, friend; I love an audience and promise I don't bite. If you're interested, do drop by my actual LJ too; I have a very open friending policy. There is also an FFN page, but due to FFN's nonsensical rules (no second person!) and my preference for LJ comms, that doesn't tend to get updated a lot.

Most of my old posts are still archived at my old, shared, ficjournal ishnaru; I'll try to copy all of those over here, as well as some extra stuff that never left my LJ as a bonus. ^^

All posts will be tagged with character, fandom and pairing, should I ever write that last and will be archived in memories (I hope). They'll have a header format:

Title: Duh.
Fandom: Duh.
Characters: No really, duh.
Series: I write them occasionally! Although I have never finished one to date, so be warned.
Warnings: Since ratings confuse me, I'll just try to warn for potential mature content.
Misc. Information: I like long-winded author's notes!

I mostly write character-driven introspective one-shots in various fandoms; I tend towards the anime but have been known to stray as far as Silmarillion, Morrowind or Highlander. The fandom I've written most for is FMA, but I haven't been back there for a while.

Thank you for stopping by~

AT THE MOMENT, THIS IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Although it's nearly done. All of the fics are up except for the older, pre-FMA ones and some scattered ones hidden under f-lock at kazaera or in spam posts somewhere. Everything that was on ishnaru has been copied here! :) I still need to put things in memories and make links pages for the various fandoms, but I'm now mostly done.